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  • 1200mm butt welding machine

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    1.Suitable for butt welding of plastic pipes and fittings made of PE, PP, PBand PVDF in a ditch in worksite or workshop.

    2.Consists of basic frame, hydraulic unit, planing tool, heating plate,support for planing tool & heating plate, and optional parts.

    3.Removable PTFE coated heating plate with high accurate temperaturecontrol system.

    4.Electric planing tool with safety limit switch.

    5.Separate two-channel timer records time in soaking and cooling phases.

    6.Changeable welding position brings more convenience while weldingvarious fittings.


    Operating range: 1000mm to1200mm

    Welding size:  800mm,900mm,1000mm,1200mm

    Use for PEHDPEPP and other Plastic pipe material

    Hydraulic power unit power: 3.0KW      

    Milling cutter power: 3.0KW

    Heating-Plate power:30.00KW                

    Temperature control range: 0 to 300°C

    Temperatue deviation:±3°C  

    Sealing Deviation 0.2mm

    Hydraulic power unit working pressure: 16Mpa          

    Totoal power:36.00KW

    Power supply:380V,50HZ

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